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Fall 2023 Update

Thank you for your interest in Saint Germain des Prés church, the oldest church in Paris.  We are especially grateful to those who have provided such unstinting support for the ongoing restoration and preservation of Saint Germain des Prés under the direction of the City of Paris’ Historic Monuments Department.

Planning for the church's full restoration started in 2012.  The actual renovation w0rks were launched in 2016.   They were originally expected to reach full completion in 2021. 

The Covid pandemic changed all that.

Preservation and restoration works were halted in 2020 at a point where approximately 85% of the original project had been fully completed. 

For nearly three years, tools were downed, scaffolding was removed, specialist artisans and preservationists were idled: the renovation project came to a complete standstill. Even after the impact of the pandemic had receded, there were further delays as the Paris city authorities were overwhelmed with requests for work-permit renewals from many other deserving projects.


In early 2023, the Department of Historic Monuments granted Saint Germain des Prés the long awaited, post-pandemic permit to start the final tranche of renovations.  The "coup d'envoi' for these works was sounded in mid-June, 2023.  

We are very pleased to announce that the renovation of the ancient church of Saint Germain des Prés has begun again.


It is worth noting that prior to the 2020 onset of the pandemic, the works had remained more or less in line with the original budget and within the planned timeframe to completion, not an inconsequential feat in the preservation world.  Today, we are happy to report that sufficient funding has been raised and applied to pay for the near entirety of all restoration works completed to date (i.e. the first four tranches).  

We are now seeking to raise the funds needed to complete the 5th and final tranche of the renovation.


This tranche has as its principal object the renovation of the Chapel of the Virgin, the apse, and the lateral chapels radiating out from the apse.  We hope that this tranche, and therefore the entire renovation project, will be completed in 2024.

We invite you to visit the relevant pages of this website for opportunities to admire the history, art and architecture of Saint Germain des Prés.  Please also take a moment to marvel at the inspirational beauty of the renovation works completed to date.


As it has for the last 15 centuries, Saint Germain des Prés church remains open for services, prayer, meditation, concerts and visits.  


We hope you will have the opportunity to visit the church in person to see the restoration works in their full glory.  And we look forward to working with you in an effort to raise the remaining dollar amounts required to complete a remarkable 12-year renovation of this iconic and beloved church..


Thank you.

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